Allow message edit from other people



  • beliz_0822

    I fully agree with this. But it can come with risks if you think about it.

  • DalekMk

    Not that much : the user will choose or not the messages and people allowed to edit them, and in the unlikely case you notice someone is messing up, you can remove their permissions.

  • Jonathan Pecany

    Wow, the exact same though. Even down to ticking a textbox to allow your message to be edited by others.

    Could indeed be very useful when you made a typo. Although a downfall I see which could be easily avoided is highly active servers where messages are typed from different users every second. Although because of how Discord works, it wouldn't really let that throw away the suggestion.

    I would also suggest you help this get more upvotes by sharing this suggestion within Discord servers. There may be way more people who think this is a good idea. But doesn't know about the discord suggestion forums.


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