New DM toggle



  • ani

    Lol dont worry discord is soon adding a new option called as "server safe mode". If multiple bots are joining your server and spamming or mass DM'ing, admins can enable this option so no more bots will be able to join


    So bots wont be able to DM promo and also when you're warned/muted/banned from server, its still the bots that DM you lol

  • Maxi130

    But Humans could still dm advertise to me.

  • Gumiennik

    I've heard that there's a new limit on how many users one user send a DM to, per day? not perfect, but sure cuts off the ability to DM-spam a server's entire user-list in one go 🤔

  • ani

    Maxi130 about humans DM advertising, just report them in your mutual servers or use the report spam button. Here we are talking about DM advertising by bots and a new feature which includes bots not humans 


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