Way to disable the startup sound for Discord



  • Burrito

    Clicking the home button a bunch of times (rapidly) still works for me to turn it on and off. Strangely it was off for me already so I didn't know what you were talking about until I tried it.

    Clicked a bunch of times: it turns on and tells me this by playing the sound. Decided to try it out by restarting Discord and it played.

    Clicked a bunch of times again: turned off with the 'leave voice channel' sound effect.

    Honestly this is a crap way of toggling a sound. It should be in the Notifications settings where a user would expect to look. Discord should also think about accessibility (some users are unable to click rapidly).

  • Gumiennik

    if you're on a PC, there should be a keyboard shortcut to toggle "mute" on and off


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