Make Thread Auto Archiving optional


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  • VelvelaJade

    The reason why we need this is because people with brain damage need to be able to find and reply to threads and can not always reply in your MENSA brain time frame. People who have lives with elderly also can not reply in a instant time frame, let alone two weeks!

    Also, some threads are never out of date! For example, are peanut allergic people only allergic for 24 hours? Only 2 weeks? 12 months? Of course not! We people with food allergies - especially the rarer ones  like corn derivatives, paprika - may wait months to get a reply by someone who knows what we are going through! Why should we create a new thread every other week just to take up extra space on a server because you would rather have everything archived! And the majority do not care about our rarer food allergies. Why do you think its the top 9 list instead of all foods get validated as "can be allergic to it'? 

    Sometimes writers have threads that do not need to expire either. Milwordy Word Crawls of type A. Someone else wants to add a link to a Type A word crawl? Sorry! We no longer care about that because was yesterdays news! Narrow minded is what it is!

    We need to have the option to never have threads archive - especially on free discord accounts. I can't afford to pay you as I'm disabled because of brain damage. And yes, I really am allergic to paprika and other rare foods. And yes, we do too do Milwordy and other things. 

    Thank you for considering this and not being narrow mindedly focused on 'what gamers want is this seconds popular thread as last second is old news' mentality! 

    .ps The Majority should rule and the rest drool does not work for me. I have a garage that floods because I was only one of two garages that flood so they didn't want to take care of it. It matters now who 'they' are. Same principle applies here. Why should the majority care about my needs? I'm not popular! Popularity contests are for losers who support the dissing of the minority no matter what their wants are. What about all those dvd extras that are not close captioned? Hollywood told the minority deaf to go away! Lets please accommodate those of us in the minority. Many thanks!


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