Implement NFTs!



  • MozarteanChaos


  • ⚡ Sparks T.⚡

    "not inherently bad in any way"

    i feel like this is a bolder claim than anyone has made on this site to date

  • Lorisidir Giichi

    I'd rather have hacking bots than goddamn NFTs on this platform

  • Hyperactivenothingnes

    "NFTs help widen an artist's monetary options"

    have you heard of these things called commissions?, it's where someone pays you money to fill out a request, the artist can then allow the commissioner to use the commissioned artwork however they like. When you lay it out on paper it's almost like it does the exact same thing NFTs claim to do but better in every single way.

    the artist has the ability to state their terms meaning their anyone using their artwork in ways they do not approve of will most likely get called out, in contrast, NFTs have been made by people who don't even have the rights to said artwork they are selling. unlike NFTS where the contents of the linked token can be changed at any time, commission artists cannot easily scam commissioners without facing public backlash. Additionally another downfall of NFTs compared to commissions is ownership. With commissions, the artwork is either dmed straight to the commissioner or posted publicly with a note stating who commissioned it, either way if people see commissioned artwork, they almost certainly know who owns it. Finally, art trades and payments already exist.

    As I have not even touched upon the environmental impacts of NFTs as well as many of its other flaws, I would like for you to explain how NFTs are a good alternative to commissions in anyway shape or form

  • Bossabot

    I want to thank the respectful users who have replied to my comment. I want to further elaborate on my controversial opinion. NFTs (when implemented correctly) should work as a way of preventing people from stealing. Unfortunately, right now there isn't a great way of doing that, but if discord were to implement NFTs to their platform I'm sure they could figure it out. As an example, discord could make certain emojis exclusive to servers and stop other community servers from using the images.


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