Slandered in Voice Chat (11/28)



  • Meckle

    Sounds like Myst was right. Why are you posting this in "Feedback". 

    I wouldn't want you in my convention either. 

  • Mikaufoxy

    Hey Meckle, thanks for letting me know that you intend to pre-discriminate against certain individuals from wanting to attend whichever events you'd staff or volunteer at, and further thanks for providing further grief instead of understanding the situation of why speaking ill of people who have left their events alone for months is both a massively bad idea and pertains to an act of absolute cowardice. On top of that, it's just plain unprofessional.

    As for why I've chosen to take to Feedback instead of providing a report to Discord about the incident, is because A) I'm not in the server where the slandering took place, B) There are no message links available for voice chat, and C) Discord actually sucks at enforcing their TOS against those breaking said rules.


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