Discord Streamkit Overlay voice widget not working



  • McRiot

    StreamKits seems to be a hot mess right now :/ Really wanted to use it too.


    I keep changing settings and nothing applies in OBS Web Source but shows up fine on the website demo.

    Someone really should look into this please.

  • Santiago34

    To begin, open your Discord app and then visit You'll see the option to install the Overlay for OBS. Clicking Install will allow the Overlay to access your Discord client (allowing control to certain aspects of it).



  • Lawrence Holley

    How to set up discord OBS Overlay? In general, you are able to set up Discord OBS StreamKit Overlay in 3 steps, installation, customization, as well as implementation.
    Step 1. Install and authorize the StreamKit Overlay.

    1. Run both your Discord and OBS apps.

    2. Click the Install for OBS button on the Discord StreamKit Overlay page.
    Then, in your Discord program, a popup will appear asking you to authorize StreamKit Overlay to access your Discord account. Just click the Authorize button to continue.
    Step 2. Customize OBS Discord Overlay

    Right after you click the Authorize button in the pop-up window, you will be redirected to a page where you can customize the overlay settings. Generally, there are three widgets under your customization: STATUS, CHAT, and VOICE.

    Each separate widget is customizable in different aspects and all of them can be used at the same time. When you personalize your status and chat widget, a preview window is on the right area to display the effect for you.

  • McRiot

    cute answer but not at all correct for this situation, definitely did all of that before reporting the overlay not working as it should.

    you know what would be great, don't answer a question in which you didn't read what the problem was o.O (I even linked to the reddit post ABOVE discussing the issue)

    don't get why people answer stuff without bothering to investigate?

    That being said I worked out the work around a long time ago (because it's broken by default)

    This person on reddit provides the solution:

    Shaolin_Chan - 9 mo. ago

    Where it says 'limit_speaking=true' in the URL, change the 'true' to 'True' instead, it should work then

    in-fact credit to WindyJMusic  who started this thread who also discovered this same solution. Instead of telling us how overlay works which we likely know how it's supposed to work. Tell the devs to fix these glaring bugs. :/

    For whatever reason some variables are case sensitive and can't just be copied as is into OBS you need to change the variable yourself.




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