The Discord Typeface fails the illness test


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  • Gumiennik

    I second this. — (On top of the forced font being way too slim & condensed, this is one of the things that make me occasionally switch to screen reader — while I have a perfectly readable UI font right there on my device, tweaker to render for every "sans-serif".) — At least 1 and | look slightly different, even if that difference is so subtle that I re-type every spoiler + I - because that's faster than "spot the difference" the visual spell-check — the code blocks only render after sending, too, so stuff like (|Il1) or (O0) or (" ” “) or (' ’ ‘) or (, ‚) - is a bit of a gamble, as the difference only becomes apparent after posting. — not to mention that links render in the standard font, and due to the tech I use - I re-type links by hand, and it's supremely frustrating when the link fails 6 times and I have to first copy it into another app just to see what I need to type into the other device's browser. (at least the PC Firefox has an option to turn off the website fonts entirely, and a shortcut extension, so that I don't have to parse this semi-nightmare of a font there.) ——— I admit it could've been worse, though - kudos for the text labels on functional items, and the font being a non-decorative sans-serif with full UTF-8 support, as far as I can tell! —— it still does need at least one of those accessibility settings bundles: 1) use device fonts instead, 2) bold text everywhere + adjust letter spacing + (optionally) adjust line height, 3) switch font to hyperlegible + switch font to dyslexia-friendly. — I think that the option to render in the device fonts is the most straightforward one, since then you don't have to worry about the entire UTF-8 charset.


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