Account disabled for trying to sign in from my AWS Workspace


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  • emi ♡

    I'm having a similar issue. I've been using discord for 5 years, and building communities for the last 3 years with a focus on discord. I was suspended for spam and/or botting with no warning, neither of which I've done. I imagine something inocuous I did tripped their automatic filters. Looking around the forums, it seems a lot of users are having similar issues right now. People who've been using discord since its inception completely stonewalled with no recourse to recover the years of information stored on their accounts - there also seems to be no differentiation between people who supported the platform by purchasing nitro.

    Overall it's a very frustrating feeling to work with. I hope we're able to get answers. From what I've read in the forums, disabled accounts will auto-delete in 14 days. Additionally, discord uses bots to detect anti-TOS behaviors (ironic), so it's really hard to get your case in front of an actual support agent. Really hope we are all able to see some sort of resolution.


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