Account disabled - still waiting on response



  • emi ♡

    I have the same issue. It's super frustrating because I didn't receive any warnings beforehand. I've been using the account for five years then out of the blue, one day I'm disabled with no warning at all.

  • randomname822

    Same I’ve sent 6 request and have only gotten a response on 1 of them. Most of them say “solved” on them but I haven’t gotten an email or any message back. I’ve been locked out of my account for about a week now.

  • mona !! *·˚

    uhaudsujsdjkcasdjkc dammit, i wouldve thought sending more requests would help. i cant contact any friends, ppl that were paying me, or general help servers now and its so frustrating


  • isallete

    Sorry to tell you, but i have send a email to discord when my account get disabled, that was like 2 months ago. And i still havent gotten a response till this day. So my account got deleted.

  • heeaart

    my account has been disabled for 18+ server. Im dont in this server 


    same thing here. account was deleted by discord a month later, over a bloody email i sent. any appeals is auto rejected. they dont always reply that they rejected the appeal however. and they have a nasty habit of banning accounts from contacting support as well. so any emails sent to discord doesnt even get a corrisponding ticket number to show that they received it.

  • injustice

    Me han deshabilitado mi cuenta sin ninguna razón mi cuenta tenía nitro de 3 meses y lo e perdido sin ninguna razón según por robo de información personal :/


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