Add AV1 embed support PLEASE!



  • Clifton

    I too would like to see AV1 embeded video support in Discord. I am able to encode clips in av1 at probably ¼ the size of the h.264 equivalent and it would make it so much easier to share short video clips with friends without having to compress and downscale the much larger h.264 clips.

    Additionally I would like to see AV1 encoding support for discord streams brought to 7000 series AMD gpus since they too support hardware encoding of AV1.

  • sanjaylord

    +1. I would love to see support added for AV1 codec.

  • Zipdox

    Heyyyy that's me!

  • Mario

    Did they add it?

  • Basstard RadOo

    I see devs having no interest in this, even though you can stream AV1 (only RTX40 users sadly).
    And don't forget, I have tried .ogg file encoded with Opus audio codec and it plays fine too. But no xHE-AAC yet sadly.

  • Dabi

    They probably don't want to do it, because the 25 MB file size limit with H.264 pushes people to get nitro. Whereas 25 MB AV1 would be good enough for a lot of use cases.


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