Worst "Support" Team (moderators and staff please read)



  • BreakinBenny

    Hear hear, I'm still waiting for someone human to get back to my tickets. What kind of "support" team is this anyway?

  • Andrehoeckelmann1

    It's the worst support i've ever expierenced, the sad thing is, we as basic users have no way of getting attention on this.

    my account got hacked a couple days ago, multiple tickets just with ol' clyde, or they get insta closed.
    all they need to do is reset my password for me, instead i have to watch the hacker use my account and try to sell it since it has an early supporter badge.

    solution is so easy yet nothing happens.

  • Redthedestroyerofworlds

    Been waiting about almost a week myself. Went to paypal to take my a payment plan off due to Discord being slow on the response.

  • Olivia


  • jo19sh92

    We're all going to be waiting for a very long time. If anything, the only thing we can do is retaliate by flooding their feedback and support system until they do something. Which unfortunately just means we'll get our accounts deleted or something. Either which way, we're all basically screwed. Discord staff pretty much ignores this section and doesn't really care about helping anyone anymore.

  • riley

    Hear me out - why not organize a boycott? Like - this is a big enough problem that I feel it warrants canceling Nitro, not buying Nitro, or other things until a solution is created. If you google hacked accounts for discord, you'll find that there are too many people who are experiencing this and waiting way too long for support response that's not Clyde. 

  • lootsu

    necrobump hahahahahhahaha


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