Discord Community Guidelines (Are A Joke) (Read)



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  • 🌸Trish🌸

    Thanks, the Situation kinda resolved itself in a way, however at the time I did need to reach out for help from the Trust & Safety team...

    ^ Short version they got evicted off the server no one liked their guild because they were extremely toxic to everyone.

    I've experienced this type of behavior across multiple platforms, and the worst case is still on-going with a person who also used Twitch using their friends to target me, and following me IRL I finally made another report with PD just last week but my goal is to get social-platforms to step-up and make reporting easier.

    This was my issue specifically with Discord you all could fix...

    - When a user is banned from a server, the chat is closed, thus if there were threats made, or something that required law enforcement, or help it's hard to report it.

    - Also to get a message ID, you are required to still be in the server, so if your banned (You generally get IP banned) / Account ban and can't rejoin to get the ID, this makes it easy for abusers to take advantage.

    My suggestion is that, even if a user is kicked or banned, any and all chat up until that point stays logged unless a person deletes it to where a person can still go back and report a message, however they can't communicate or see future chat on the said server, basically like a shadowban.


    This is a sample of what happens when I try to report a server and am unable to obtain message ID or anything it makes it difficult to report abuse.



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