Updated Terms of Service and how it is affecting millions of Discord users



  • Salimi

    To anyone commenting: please state your opinion in an appropriate manner.

  • sina

    we are just gamers and nerds like u people.

    but apparently everyone just thinks of us as terrorists. this isn't right. we have built strong relationships through discord. a lot of us have been using discord for a long time and have fond memories of it. this is just disrespectful. we are ordinary people living under constant pressure in a third world country from all kinds of sources and have lots of problems and discord has been a huge help to us in just letting go and having some fun with our friends and taking that away from us because of decisions made by our government is just inhumane at this point. especially at times like these when we don't know what tomorrow holds. so i ask u. anyone who might be reading. anyone who can maybe just maybe do something about this. don't ban iran. because u banning us literally means nothing to the government and only inflicts pain on your loyal users who have been with u for a long time and it's like a slap in the face for them. so i ask again. with all my heart. don't ban iran.

  • Skybl0x138713

    Yup. I agree. we're just normal people like everyone else. what our government does has nothing to do with us. we're just normal people trying to game with our friends. that will be no harm for the U.S. I know almost 3 years on discord isn't a lot. but that 3 years was my whole life. and if discord does ban Iran. 3 years of my life will just instantly go to waste. I have so many friends that the only way to contact them is using discord. which means discord banning Iran literally disconnects me from most of my friends that are just here for having fun. surely a group of 15 year olds just playing games and having fun wont be a threat would it? so I would like discord to not ban Iran. after all.. we're just ordinary teenagers trying to play and have fun.

  • Sharzin Lalebazri

    so the people of Iran have to pay for the cruelty of their oppressors, eh? just in case if it isn't clear. none of us chose to be born in Iran and none of chose to stay in this hellscape. so the fact that a big company that pretends to care about minorities and oppressed people is trying to take away what could for many of us (or at least for myself) be the only available method of having conversation with our foreign friends is downright disgusting. this update to Discord rules and terms of service have been nothing but bad news and censorship piled over bad news and censorship. and if you don't want to go the way of Tumblr, I strongly suggest reconsideration.

  • sajad pourajam

    I am an Iranian user, I am neither a terrorist nor a criminal of an ordinary citizen who has fallen victim to the mistakes of his government. It is not our right as Iranians to be sanctioned in this way.


    hi discord im an iranian user
    i've been using discord for 2 years
    pls dont ban iranian people

  • abolfazl classic

    Hi on the discord
    We are your Iranian users and we are not terrorists or support the terrorists
    Please don't bin the Iranians

  • Ypq

    hello dear Discord I'm an Iranian gamer and I'm using Discord for a long time all the good company's banned us and we are using VPN for that apps.we are not terrorists and the government not related to us.

  • NimaNixer

    Hello to Discord managers, we request that you do not restrict Iranian users from Discord

  • Fahrenheit

    hello. we are human. iranian  is not terrorist. pleas dont ban us. WE ARE HUMAN. WE ARE NOT TERRORIST. IRANIANS HAVE A LOT OF PROBLMS IN NORMALL LIFE. PLEAS DONT ADD THIS TO.



    Hello dear Discord
    The Iranian people should not be sanctioned because of the terrorist republic they have
    Thanks for reading this text. I hope millions of Iranian users are not blocked


  • Unstable_Guy

    dont ban please

  • Amirhesam

    Hello. I am Iranian. Someone who uses Discord every day. To call friends or chat with friends. Why do you want to ban us? Our government is bad. why U.S? I have been using Discord for a year and a half. Why do you want to ban us? Our country does not have the capacity to produce such an app. Please do not ban us. thank you. Bye

  • Amirhesam

    What sin did I commit to become an Iranian?

  • Arad ak

    I am an Iranian user, I am neither a terrorist nor a criminal of an ordinary citizen who has fallen victim to the mistakes of his government. It is not our right as Iranians to be sanctioned in this way.

  • CodeNameZig

    Hi, yes i already know you guys have dealed with us iranians, but its not even a thing that we are terrorists. That is literally so offensive, the way you have said it right into our faces... . We are not terrorists cuz we are muslims or sum. And also not all of us are muslims. About the sanctions thing that you said, the USA rules and those things that i researched about says that only buying and selling things in iran is banned and there is literally nowhere that it says we should also be banned from free online services. We literally brought a big community to discord and its not fair. Our youtubers made so many servers or even we ourselfs brough so many friends.
    (im not trying to fight, im just so upset about the way discord is banning us for no reason)


  • Daniel Tayavand

    I am truly sorry for this and am really sad that this is happening, Discord has always been my favorite platform because it didn't take any sides I would like it to stay that way but seems like politics are more important than we thought. I personally don't care about politics and my countries government (I'm Iranian) but this is too much I'm really sorry for my self and my people

  • Pooyan

    we are gamers, not terrorist

  • TeNshi

    Is this humanity? Do you not feel sorry for us? I do not know what my country is doing ... but I do not understand what our gamers can do violate the discords old terms of service ... just think about it ... for the first time think about it.

  • Iliya Alpha_GS

    Im an Iranian User , We do not Supporting any terrorists or crimes and We don't support our goverments.

    Discord is our favorite platform to connect our gamer friends from all around the world.

    Please Don't ban Iran. We are humans too

  • Grandᵐᵃˣ

    Dear Discord,
    In a recent blog post, you have stated that the legal documents of the company including the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Community Guidelines are going to be updated. Some of these changes are going to affect millions of people who use Discord negatively, and we believe this is inequitable. To be more specific, a group of countries is being prohibited from using the platform due to the U.S. restrictions against them:

    These countries are referred to as “terrorist supporting” because of the pessimism that others would have about them. Iran and its people have nothing to do with nor support terrorism. We definitely do not expect Discord to violate the U.S. laws as an American company, but still ask you to make a reconsideration about the updated Terms of Service immediately.

    Although the new Terms of Service are meant to go into effect on 28 March 2022, many Iranian users have already reported experiencing issues with their Discord accounts for absolutely no reason. Even if things were done in the past, normal people do not deserve to be punished for the actions taken by the government of their country.

  • Feraklin

    Hello, im a proud discord user who has been using discord since late 2019, iranian people should not be punished and restricted because of the action of their government

  • NimaNixer

    Hello Dear Discord,
    we ask you not to ban Iranians from Discord. The Iranian people are not terrorists and they only come to Discord for time and fun, and even most Iranian YouTubers and streamers have Discord Servers, some of which are partners.

  • !Dexヅ

    Discord Dont Ban Iran
    Or Yam Yam Pederat


  • Adrian

    Hi Discord. I'm an Iranian User of discord. I used discord for 2 years. im gamer and all of my friends are in discord. We play and talk every days. Our Life is discord. If you take the discord from us, it means you took our lives. So we are not terrorists. You are a terrorist.

  • starkX_stream

    You guys do realize that limiting your services to people living in certain countries is a form of collective punishment without any basis, right? Also from a legal standpoint you can only limit payment-based services. Care to explain, @discord ? #DiscordBanOnIranians

  • Mehran
    I am an Iranian user
    I have been in Discord for a long time
    Please do not ban Iranians
    We are human too
    We were banned from everywhere
    Epic Games
    And much more
    Please do not ban the Iranians
    We Iranian gamers enjoy spending time in Discord
    We are not terrorists
  • 亗乃ㄥ卂匚ズ乃oリツ

    Discord Dont Ban Iran

  • ilia.moshtaghi

    Hello Discord

    Discord pleas dont ban iranian.

    we are gamer please don't ban us.

  • wth

    the govenment is banning all social medias 
    discord is one of the only ones that remained unbanned
    if you are enemies then why are you doing same thing to people?


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