Updated Terms of Service and how it is affecting millions of Discord users



  • Mustang

    Hi there Discord
    I am an Iranian user who have joined discord 2 years ago and I believe discord is the best social media for gamers, content creators, etc. 
    Iranian people are not terrorist and we (Iranian people) are strongly against terrorism.
    please don't ban us :).
    we are already banned from everywhere such as youtube, twitter, epic games, etc although we did nothing.



  • Mahdi_Ace

    I agree with this

  • FriskTanPuro

    Please don't ban my friend who is from Iran, they already suffered because of the further restricted internet and LGBT law. Please don't make innocent Iran users suffer even more.

  • FortMiner98


    1. We are just teenage gamers living in Iran and every platform blamed we for being Iranian . We have been using Discord for years and we have good memories of Discord. We just want to enjoy the game. we are live in iran becuse We have no other way please dont ban iranian
  • Mad

    I use Discord on daily basis and it would really impact my life if it were taken away from me. We have nothing to do with the Iranian government, we have never, and will never support terrorism. Please don't ban us.

  • Epic

    Bro we're taking a lot already, don't make our life worse than it already is, this ain't fair. It wasn't my choice to be born in this country why should we suffer? the terrorism thing has nothing to do with the citizens, we are just people trying to find a way to escape our restrictions and feel a bit free, Discord was a good place to achieve those feelings but now... It's just sad.

  • radin

    dont ban iran

  • alireza nazeri

    what will happen to our accounts ? 

    what about people with paid nitro?


  • Mahdi Sa

    We, the people of Iran, are not terrorists, and maybe our government will be recognized as a state that supports terrorism or whatever. This is only related to our government, and the people should not retaliate against the government.

  • arash

    Hello, Discord Service, we, the people, did not do anything bad. Our government or anything else has done this.
    please dont ban iranian people
    My life is Discord i cant leave or forget Discord. I have many friends in Discord dont do this with iranian people

  • Matin_Dark

    I didn't really expect this from Discord, I remember those days we switched from TeamSpeak and supported Discord because their services were free, and there was no restriction for any region or nonsense paid fee for communicating with friends.

    No one knew what Discord was back then but we were using it, we supported the platform in so many ways, and now they suddenly decided to remove us all from the community?

    I am truly disappointed, the effort I put into developing Discord bots, maintaining communities, moderation, and.. will be gone because of something we didn't do? We have nothing to do with our government decisions and we have no control over it and even if we resist we will be won't end up alive!

    Is that really that simple for you guys to remove people who supported you for years? We were here when Discord was nothing but a new application providing free communication.

  • Shayansalehi1383



  • Sina

    it isnt fair to lose our friends, communities and everything due to what the government did. we ain't terrorists nor we support them, i don't know what crap is happening in the government and stuff, but i don't see it fair for the people to fall just because of them.
    we are humans like you, you know? we make friends and we dont wanna lose them

  • sadra1ne

    please state your opinion in an appropriate manner.

  • master_pofak

    hello. we are human. iranian  is not terrorist. pleas dont ban us. WE ARE HUMAN. WE ARE NOT TERRORIST. IRANIANS HAVE A LOT OF PROBLMS IN NORMALL LIFE. PLEAS DONT ADD THIS TO.


  • BloodyPvper

    Hello Discord
    Iam an Iranian user and we aren't terrorists
    Please don't ban us

  • Warner

    As an Iranian, I support my government and country under any circumstances, and the people who write in the comments, "Our government is doing terrible things and we do not support it and we are separated from it", are not real Iranian at all!

    If the clause that says Iran is a country that supports terrorism is not removed from the ToS, I will not use Discord anymore. I also recommend the same to all Iranians who read this comment, we should not despise ourselves to separate ourselves from our nation and country just to use an application.
    Good luck!

  • k4z0ma

    Dear discord imagine you are a hostage in a country and another country is making you pay for somone else's crime somone who taken you as hostage! Does it hurts? Yes it does a lot. You just imaged one day of our life as iranian

  • mehran

    we aren't terrorists
    Please don't ban Iranian User

  • stalker

    hi discord 
    we are not terrorists and we won't be too 
    I think there is a misunderstanding between us 
    please don't suspend or ban our accounts. many Iranians are making money with discord 
    we should not be punished because of our government 

  • SkullMustache

    To generalize everything on a contry ir race is rather racist if you ask me. We, do not have anything to do with what our regume does in terms of supporting terrorits groups and yet the new ToS is calling us all terrorists and wants to ban us all.

    Please reconsider your decision. We too are humans just like you.

  • Exxon

    Dear Salimi,
    concerning your comment, I would love to know more about your "reliable sources", any official link related would be nice to see,

    however, over time passes, we all have seen so many big companies applying the same rule over and over,
    for example, we can link Epic Games ToS, which has been the same for over 4 years now.
    Companies such as Discord, Epic Games, etc, are applying the rules they want however they want to, they are able to restrict access of users fully, including free-of-charge services or either transaction and paid features only.

    Regardless of Iranian Reports on issues with their account or anything else, there all kinda actions might happen this time, including some problems at Discord services globally or per region, which I'm sure you can check out by visiting Discord Status
    I'm saying this as a Senior developer, regardless of updating Discord ToS, Discord might have to apply some restrictions and changes on their programs and Website, so the Development Team should be ready for this as soon as they can, even before the merge time of Discord ToS

    UPDATE: Due to some Iranians may have problems with removing their linked phone numbers, they would happen to see a warning screen that discord says "Something strange happened to your account" or something similar to, which forces the user to link a phone number, this action is something discord had from a long time ago for providing more security for their users, we possibly cannot think of this as a "problem of discord", Discord is not able to risk their user's security for other reasons.

    Now, Discord Team itself might not be happy to leave such great communities, but regardless, it's not only a problem related to Discord Policy Team, it's a choice that all Discord Team takes.

    all we can do is wait to see what changes would happen,
    and also Respect Discord Team, we all know they are having a hard time too.

  • Abolfazlnoory

    We are human, just like all other human beings. We are not happy that we were born in Iran. I do not think it is right to boycott the people of a country for the sake of their government. I and all Iranians who use Discord ask you not to boycott Discord for our country.

  • iamrad

    hi discord, please don't ban Iranian users

  • masood abdollahi

    it is a joke . bigest gamers massenger in world thinks iranian childrens are terrorist . are you better than instagram or whatsapp or telegram ?? they think we are terrorists ? if you want not we buy nitro subscribe . so you can hide nitro subscribe for my discord clients

  • amir

    Dear discord
    Please do not ban Iranian users 🙏
    But we like the discord community
    And we will not leave it
    we just gamer and nothing else

  • Cyber_Snake

    The Iranian people are suffering a lot from the sanctions. Please do not be cruel. The Iranian people are one of the most civilized races on earth and have never supported terrorism

    I have been using Discord for 4 years and I want it to continue

  • ok that's actually me

    As a server owner with currently 600 members (Although I am Iranian and live in Iran, my community is an English one) I must say, that it'd be such a shame if Discord does anything that would effect the user experience of millions of users negatively...!
    Since the new ToS will go into effect on March 28th, there is still time for Discord to re-think their new ToS, considering there are many big Persian communities, bot developers and a lot of active users from Iran in the app. 

    We Do Not ask Discord to violate the U.S. laws in any way as an American company, however we'd like a reconsideration since aside from Discord, we're active on many other apps that are American and therefore go by the U.S laws and so far none has announced taking any actions against users from our country, that'd effect their user experience in a negative way. 
    Going back to the point which was mentioned above saying:
    "according to the U.S. Department of State and reliable sources, this law never applied to providing free-of-charge services to the people of these countries, but to transactions and paid features. (For Discord that would be Nitro subscriptions, Server Boosts, etcetera") 
    Not being able to buy Nitro/Server Boots already makes it hard to use Discord to its full capacity. 
    Not the best experience out there, saying this as an owner that uses Discord way too much.

    I'll also take a moment to kindly & politely ask Discord to make its ToS clearer and more informative. Regarding this case that we're facing right now and many other (about new upcoming updates, rules and such), it'd be nicer if we had ToS written in a way they were more informative, exact and clearer rather then having a whole part of ToS written in all caps, low-key making it seem that you're talking to an angry user. very much unprofessional...
    An example of what I said: 
    And I wish it was clarified what sort of action was really going to be taken against users from our country, so we'd have been ready and had a clue on what we could have done in the remaining days. Perhaps moving our communities to another app whilst we still can?!

    Last but not least, I hope Discord sees the passion and love we have this app (which is can be easily noticed if you see how active we are, how many big communities we have, how many bots we've developed and how now we're asking (pleading) Discord for a reconsideration) and appreciate it.
    I always wished to see my server in a good condition and I worked hard to make it what it is right now, and I sincerely don't want to ruin my community members' experience or have it limited because Discord is going to take action against the owner (me) in a not a good way.
    Pretty sure a lot of other Persian Community owners have worked hard to keep their servers active, partner with discord and to even get their servers verified, not to mention the active ordinary Discord users from our country.

    Hope this comment, and lot of other which was shared in this comment section and others, does something and hopefully we'll get an updated version of ToS going into effect which wouldn't involve limiting our user experience in any way. 

    Good day ^-^<3

  • Mohamadsobhanraji

    Hello Discord

    Pleas Dont Ban Iran 



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