Community Guidelines becoming censorship over opinions



  • Rvdnberg

    Furthermore, how can you expect all those thousands of unpaid volunteer moderators, in all their different regions and viewpoints, to judge over member's posts, and know what is true or false?
    And how does this work? Do we really have to backwards-enforce this over thousands of posts already posted in past? Discord doesn't even specify in which country their policy is based, what is "illegal" or "fakenews" in one country, is opposite in other country, this makes absolutely no sense and they know it.

  • Alex

    I completely agree with that. Apart from the fact that censorship is against something as human as free speech, there is no way that it can be done without favoring the interest of a certain group.

    Those who will "moderate" will determine what it is true or false for them (at that moment, because anyone can change minds at any time but the censorship would have been applied either way). This is completely nuts for a private (I would say that say for public platform) chat platform.

  • ndt

    Deleting my account now and encouraging everyone on my channels to do the same and migrate to Tox.

  • Wolfbeast

    I got the announcement of change in policies today as well and was shocked to see that the updated policies now state "Do not share false or misleading information (otherwise known as misinformation). Content that is false, misleading, and can lead to significant risk of physical or societal harm may not be shared on Discord."

    It's further explained that content not appeasing the staff checking for "misinformation" may be removed.

    While I understand the desire for not becoming a platform to cause widespread panic/misinformation (and the notification also mentioned disinformation which I don't see mentioned anywhere else...) there is simply not enough information about the process given in the guidelines to know if it's applied objectively and without bias towards any opinion. It doesn't indicate in any way how it's determined that something is misleading or false, nor what "significant risk of physical or societal harm" is. e.g.: Any political or religious side may argue that what the other side proposes is "harming society".

    We need more information: what led up to this policy change? How is it going to be enforced? Will there be a process in place to keep free speech in servers moderated by the server creators rather than Discord staff? Will there be an appeals process if there is serious argument that censorship is taking place? etc.
    As it is stated now I feel there is way too much room for arbitrary censorship and thought policing.

  • Rmcelroy90

    Wolfbeast we already know what led to this policy change. Discord has no interest in being a platform where people can express ideas freely. Like most software companies it is far more interested in ensuring ideological capture.

    The lessons of the past 2 years are totally lost on development and legal teams based in San Francisco. The examples already brought up in this thread have to do with COVID. What about the war on Ukraine? Much of the information and stories coming out of that conflict have been false, and have taken multiple days to disprove and exit the memespace of twitter and reddit.

    The new "community guidelines" are a weapon to be used against perceived political opponents and channels discussing anything outside the overton window. You could have seen this coming from a mile away as Discord has gotten bigger. It doesn't make it any less immoral or disgusting.

    For all the talk of safe spaces, knowing for a fact we cannot communicate freely on Discord sure makes it feel like the opposite of that.

  • Cameron Boxall

    I cannot support a platform that actively seeks to support only one particular narrative at the expense of all others. I'm seeing a lot of manufactured evidence to promote agendas from official sources and these large entities are attempting to shutdown all rational thinking in favor of their truth, claiming it is THE truth.  This is a slippery slope for humanity which I cannot support as it won't end well for you or I.

  • ndt

    Just FYI I posted a longer description of my concern here which has itself now been censored so go figure. Can't even criticise the censorship policy without being censored.

  • ndt

    Perhaps they'll allow a link to a copy the comment on Google Docs. Let's see.


  • AtticusDragon

    If this policy is implemented, I will close my account. I encourage others to do the same.

    For years I've advocated Discord as a user friendly, community oriented communication service. Censorship has absolutely NO place in either community, or communication.

    This really bites.


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