Slash Commands - Allow a root or default command when using subcommands



  • jimmygabriel


  • Paul

    You can achieve this yourself. When checking which subcommand the user has sent, also check if they haven't used a subcommand. (i.e. if subcommand isn't provided OR 'help' subcommand is provided, send help information).

    EDIT: Oopsie, must've skipped over the part in the docs which literally says this isn't possible.. Sorry!

  • Clut

    Hi @Paul, sorry but this is not the case, when you register subcommands, the parent command its not registered.

    Can you please provide an example if you have managed to achieve it somehow?

  • Clut

    Paul, please see the docs which clearly states this,

  • Justin1123

    In order to get Slash Commands up and running with your app, you'll have to create the command itself, then prepare your app to be able to handle the interaction flow. We'll describe that flow in more detail in the steps below, but the basic pattern is:

    • A user in Slack types in the message box with the command, and submits it.
    • A payload is sent via an HTTP POST request to your app.
    • Your app responds in some way.

    That's all pretty orderly, so let's look at the recipe for making a great Slash Command.


  • Clut

    Justin, thanks but I'm not looking for support on how to use slash commands. I'm requesting a new feature... That slash commands can have a root or default command as per the original message


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