My account has been disabled on discord.



  • dark_w0b

    my account is also disabled. can I also get mine reactive?

  • dark_w0b

    I don't think they will reactive the account since they don't even listen to us. like I'm trying to to also get mine but they don't give a shit

  • Dionysus

    Mine was disabled aswell today, looks like we got caught in some filter

  • Crypto Vibes

    I'm going through the same experience.  No violations.  I use a VPN for protection against tracking hackers, which is the only thing I can possibly think of that may have caused my account to be disabled.  It's been 5 or so days since I submitted a request and no response. Don't expect any help from their "support" team. I'm thinking we get louder and share our experiences with media outlets to hold them accountable. The lack of response from support is unprofessional, among other things. 


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