[Suggestion] Translator



  • fateh shakir
    sim você está certo
    ABC cargo singapore
  • colleencamacho59
    Automatically translate messages in real-time without writing any commands. You can choose to auto-translate specific users, specific channels, or linking multiple language channels together. 
    Go to each channel and edit the automatic translation settings : Automatic mode: Linked Group. Automatic Group name: Use numbers or a common name to link channels. Language: Pick the language of each channel.
    A Real-Time Interchangeable Translating Assistant,  RITA is a translation bot built using discord.  js and the Cloud Google Translate API . Offering affordable, and cheap Discord translation services in over 100+ languages.
    Quite possibly the best discord translate bot around, Mr. Translate provides accurate translations quickly and easily by letting you translate text with commands or entire messages by reacting with flags ! veeco cfs tracking code supports translating between over 120 languages! 

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