"Done reading? Check out #<channel>" Banner



  • eviloce

    Very annoying, no further testing needed. it sucks


  • Full Name

    This is now showing up in Android. It's very annoying and not a useful "feature" at all. It even tries to promote channels the user has muted "until I turn it back on again", even when there are other unread channel to promote.

    Please ditch this "feature" (and bring back Android native builds instead of React!)

  • HoneyChicken

    Why is this thing still around after so long?!
    Catapulting the user into another channel just because they accidentally tapped this stupid button(WHICH CAN BE REALLY EASY TO DO) is a HORRIBLE design.

    Why can't it be turned off by the user after 8 months/a year?!

  • Brumbpo

    Bump. Just used discord on my android phone and this stupid banner is in the way and won't go away.


    Uninstalled. Please fix.

  • Imakeutilt

    Same thing .



    Stupid message won't let me post in forums


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