Add ISO8601 formatting option to <t:timestamp> feature.



  • sky.cactus

    At the *least* please add support for YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss.  This isn't strictly ISO8601 but it is really close (swaps the `T` separator out for a space) and it is the most logical representation of time that also fits naturally into English language writing (and most others as well).

  • Kauane Pires campos

    Olá como usa isso aqui

  • MixD

    Agreed this would be great.  Using space between the date and time (instead of "T") is the human-friendly way too.

    I also advocate for options to include a localised day name (full or abbreviated) between the date and time:
    2022-07-29 Fri 23:59:59

    And an option to explicitly report the timezone offset used:
    2022-07-29 Fri 23:59:59 +0130

  • JJRcop

    There is an older similar post with more likes than this one. Maybe it's a good idea to support that.

  • MixD

    JJRcop, that's for a different feature.
    That post: ISO 8601 as an input format.
    This post: ISO 8601 as an output format.


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