add read receipts to dms



  • Stray

    Correction: Optional read receipts would be nice.
    Similar to how on certain social media/texts/etc. if you enable it and a friend enables it you can read each others, but if one of you doesn't both of you don't get to see it.

    Even better, if possible,  Also, being able to enable it for specific users but not others. Or automatically disabling it if a user is muted. Thus defying the purpose otherwise. It'd be a nifty feature, but I still don't wanna be harassed just cuz I read a message while half asleep lol

  • Terry Lyons

    kind of defeats its purpose if its not at least opt out and with least restrictive settings by default. i don't think that anyone sane would use it like that but it would be good for those times when you would like to know if someone has seen your message that was about something you want them to see but might not necessarily require a reply


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