I need my account reinstated



  • Icybirdpenguin96

    So you have that same issue huh??

  • Zakku_Rakuishi

    I suppose I do.

  • Reece3865

    I’m sorry to hear that but more likely you will not be getting your account back. I’ve had my main account disabled for 3 months now, I’ve be trying to contact trust and safety for months but I have not received any help just constant bot responses. You can say that Discord despise people with disabled accounts and they will do nothing to help even if you haven’t done nothing.

  • Asleep

    Reece3865 I'm sorry to hear that happened to you, I recently got the same problem. Due to physical health issues, I am limited, almost all my life simply on Discord (I'm not that sickly to not touch social life), yet the experience was always unique to me. Though did you ever request your data back? In order to receive back friends, server history and many things among that?

  • coo


  • coo

    “L + ratio”


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