buy nitro with paysafecard


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  • Aavil

    It's because the way Discord has their TOS written, unless you put it on a credit card, not a debit card or use something like PayPal, you don't have much room to fight unauthorized activity on your account. I am currently disabled for fighting them over purchases and yet to hear back from them.

    PayPal sided with them and I am waiting to see what happens with my bank. It's actually really sad because their support was terrible and could of helped and choose not to. So I am out $110, no account, and being ignored by Discord. I'd recommend to be careful how you pay for it. Use a credit card if you can, they have different rules and ways to obtain money back compared to a debit or a 3rd party middle man like PayPal. Because PayPal will always side with the seller, just be aware. 


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