Add a forum archive timer for a month, year or infinite



  • Seel

    That is absolutely true.

    In the current form the feature that sounds very promising for organizing content on a server, functions in a way that prevents it from being useful for any case other that a very limited option to swipe short lived topic under the rug.

    When I noticed the feature today on our 1k+ members server for game modding, I immediately thought that we finally have a way for community driven "themes" which can be controlled by mod authors, without clogging the channel list with dozens of small channels which are always visible. Ability to view a list of themes in such forum will act as a browser for available mods. Ability to sort them in a user defined order will allow to easily show what is more or less important.

    So in a forum channel, individual topics/threads will work as themes for individual mod or author, will provide an easy way to host a kind of a landing page for the mod and an isolated place to discuss it.

    This is almost possible, BUT ruined because:

    1) You can't expect that for every mod topic used as a place to host updates, links, discussions - it will be active every two weeks. Just not realistic for any but the most popular, highest 10% of mods.

    2) You can't pin the first post for it to be always easily reached and visible - that means that only the current discussion is visible.

    Guys, Discord team, you even named this feature "forum". Can't you look at what made the original forums popular in 90s-00s great? Their permanency, their indispensability for organizing the information in a way that is always helpful for people.


    If we forget about mods, and think about forum channels as a way to host a collection of guides, community wikis - it's the exact same set of missing features which should be very straightforward to implement.

    Please, Discord team, think about this, we need this.

  • Kamyker


    Thread disappearing makes forums pretty much useless.

  • Lqid10t



    Defeats the purpose of forum threads if you can't see past forum posts greater than 1 week. Guides and such are exactly why I want to use this feature. Expecting at least 1 post a week is ludicrous.


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