Issues with Discord Android Mobile Update



  • ImperialBritannia

    I agree 

  • solo

    I agree

  • noelle

    i agree and please change it back omg

  • Dew Nevada

    I wish Discord developer team could revert back the newest update

  • Rain

    I actually was looking for this. Yes, I actually agree: it updated for me yesterday and it's just a lot more laggy on my phone (OnePlus 9 Pro, OxygenOS 12) and somehow it feels a lot weider to use, makes my eyes sore which is not a good sign. Previous version was nice. This one both has accessibility issues and is... honestly, ugly. 

  • Jeff D

    Adding my vote because for the past month now, I have been getting the blank video bug. It isnt just gif, I will have a thumbnail for a movie and when I hit play the audio starts but the video is black. If I go through a couple movies and come back it will fix itself. This is on a samsung s20 FE. 

  • S_h_a_r_k_93
    I have no idea how that unoptimized React Native garbage made it past quality checks, it's horrible!

    The performance of the app went from good to unusable, it's not acceptable.
    Everything lags to the point that inputs are skipped; this app is now TRASH.

    I used this tutorial on how to revert back to the old native android style app, and I'm sticking to it! noelle Dew Nevada 


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