Android update is bad



  • Terra

    I second this - the new mobile interface is very clunky feeling! Buttons are too small, text is too small, and then the messages are very spaced out (appreciated, but with the tiny text, it doesn't help). It also looks bad on tablets, too. And as someone who uses a bluetooth keyboard on tablet, being able to change how a message was sent was a god send - now we're forced to use Ctrl + Enter (when it was originally Shift + Enter or just Enter in the now missing App Behaviors menu). Bring back the old layout! It was way better than this!

  • zumoravek

    Its just slow harder to use and almost crashes when i try to send a pic there needs to be a way to downgrade or like a rollback update

  • codebyte

    You can install the older discord app with the relevant .apk file to get the old version back

  • S_h_a_r_k_93
    I have no idea how that unoptimized React Native garbage made it past quality checks, it's horrible!

    The performance of the app went from good to unusable, it's not acceptable.
    Everything lags to the point that inputs are skipped; this app is now TRASH.

    I used this tutorial on how to revert back to the old native android style app, and I'm sticking to it!


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