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  • s9170

    I've seen posts on this that are *years* old requesting this. No idea why, but Discord doesn't seem to want to implement this very basic functionality.

    Admins should be able to move things like threads to different channels, or relocate posts. 

  • AFRLme

    I've seen posts on this that are *years* old requesting this. No idea why, but Discord doesn't seem to want to implement this very basic functionality.

    Admins should be able to move things like threads to different channels, or relocate posts. 

    I don't know what their reasons are for it, or how their minds work, but I also just realized earlier that either I'm blind or there's no "go to top" button to jump back up to the initial post of the forum thread. It let's you pin it, but you have to do it manually, whereas I think it should do that automatically or at least add a "go to top" button on the sticky bar that contains the reactions, follow button, & link button.


  • TK

    Ability for moderators to move forum "posts" to other forums is essential for making a forum actually work. Not having this ability is a total dealbreaker for my communities. Its a basic forum feature.

  • Ryan Favelle

    As we start to use this feature on our server to replace some slower channels, I also would like a means to move posts between multiple forums, rather than just locking and telling them to move what might be a healthy conversation to the right place, 

  • Phanjam

    the forum feature is new to the discord app. hopefully as more servers adopt it, the need for this basic feature will become too much to ignore.
    until then, i can manually transfer posts and pics even (my server has only 200 members)

  • Vyx666

    Some things I am basically begging for with forums:

    1.) Let moderators delete the message that pop up in the post chat when you edit it. Ex.
    " changed the post title: examplename456"
    "Moderator removed ExampleUser123 from the thread."
    it clutters the post and it's so unnecessary.
    2.) Make it so multiple posts can be pinned in a forum. Why is this not already a thing?
    3.) Let moderators sort posts the same way we can with channels.

  • kpwxx

    Massive upvote to this. Sometimes people make forum posts somewhere without really thinking too much and they would be better suited to a different forum channel. It's very frustrating because at the moment we just have to delete them and start all over again, or have a terribly thought out organisation forever.

  • Stasia

    I would to see this as a feature along with being able to move threads between servers. I am a part of a server I want to leave -- but there are some threads I'd like to move with me because its an RP thread of me and one other character/person and they're on the server I want to move it to anyway... but I digress... being able to not only download the thread for personal read back, or to move it to another server with out losing everything would be nice. One thread in particular is over 6k messages.

  • valithor

    Looking into this, it's currently possible to create a new thread in a forum channel using POST/channels/{}/threads, but there is no way to PATCH it after it has been created. What's interesting to me is that a link to a thread inside of a forum does not actually reference the forum's channel_id anywhere in the message link, so it seems to imply that Discord was aware that associating a forum's thread with the specific channel_id was a bad idea. There absolutely is a framework already in place to support moving threads between forum channels, so hopefully we'll get to see this happen at some point.

  • Tayloup

    I am approving this, it is not possible to have a good organization without moving topic. People always does mistakes. 


  • Dunn Hatani

    I don't know what this isn't front and center on the community features page. This is some of the most basic moderation that happens in a forum. 

    "Hey man you posted this in the wrong channel but it's okay I can move it for you so that everybody else can find it in the correct spot."

    Aside from behavior issues this is probably the number one task that a moderator would need to do.

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