Do you know what the word "support" actually means Discord?



  • A Random Dumbass

    I like this post man this describes almost everybody's issues. Some are wrongfully flagged and wrongfully disabled. But Discord is just begging to be sued. They favor the Nitro users majority of the time. If a non Nitro user tries saying their account is wrongfully disabled they are like "Yes, Yes you made this very clear but we can't do anything for your account" But the Nitro users get theirs back in less than 12 hours at the most! Discord is going to end up disabling the wrong person's account and that person will come here and blow the f*ck up. You can't even cuss to tell them how pissed off you are without being censored. I grew up with freedom of speech and Discord is trying to take it away. 

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  • LucaH

    A Random Dumbass Discord never favors any type of user, no matter who they are, where they come from or any other form of judgement, and to be clear, they do not favor Nitro subscribers either. What Discord might do is respond faster to celebrities or similar though the cases are too few to make a clear conclusion.

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    Sa fait 5 jours que j'attends une réponse...

  • WhiteWolf

    I can totally relate to this, my account got banned around a week ago and I immediately opened a ticket, after 6 days, they responded saying that it was a mistake and that my account had bee reinstated, though the wait was long it was understandable and I logged back on. I sent a person a message and my account was gone again, ad the same cryptic email. Now I do have an alt but I am afraid to dm someone new so it doesn't get banned

    I can understand that these measures are necessary for anti-spam, but fix your system


    I think they know and purposefully act unlike it and you might get banned for asking so you better make new account just for that.
    Heck better make one account per word you say.


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