Show in-voice-channel text chat notifications in overlay



  • thislooksfun

    I 100% agree. What's the point of having text chat if you can't get notifications for it? It's super useful when one person in the call can't talk (no mic, people around, etc.), but wants to participate without spamming a regular channel. But if I'm playing a game and they are messaging like that, then I get exactly 0 notification of it. Which is especially weird because when I'm NOT using the overlay then messages in there DO show up as regular system notifications.

  • Storme the Cat

    Absolutely. It's really counter-intuitive to be forced to pull up and view the chat directly in order to see any of the messages. It's very very rare that at any time looking directly at the voice chat is the only task at hand. It is far more likely that while in the voice channel another activity is being had, such as playing a game with my friends.

    If anyone needs to use the voice chat chat for communication right now, their best bet is to ping all the people in the VC in order to get their attention. Otherwise their messages will be missed, especially during a voice call where conversation happens at a much quicker pace than through text.

    Every other channel has the ability to turn on notifications and allow pop-ups during gameplay, and this seems the most important reason to have that feature, yet it's missing.


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