Forum tag limit



  • techpeace

    Agreed! We really love the forum channels, but we have also already hit the limit, and it’s preventing us from taking advantage of the total organizational power of the forum channels. Seems arbitrary.

  • Tikepo

    I have a multilingual server. It would make sense to reorganize certain content into a forum channel. However there are significantly more then 20 languages in the world

  • Neko

    I run a health-oriented community, where we are piloting a "forum" for posting recipes. The feature overall seems pretty good for our use case, but the low tag limit may end up being a deal-breaker for us.

    The 5 tag limit per post, and the 20 character limit are also somewhat annoying but are at least workable, but a hard 20 limit on tags is just not going to cut it even if we are very conservative on what we wish to tag.

  • wuxe

    tag limits feel completely unnecessary and are limiting our ability to fully use forums.

  • Hi

    Discord may consider it
    By putting in nitro benefits

  • Wolfram Rolf

    i completely agree, it's not necessary and it's incredibly unfortunate.  As a programmer, I know it's not difficult to put in. It could take 30 minutes to an hour to add any appropriate UI elements that would be needed to support a large list in the language i use. it cant be that far off for discord's environment.

  • Yannick THOLOMIER

    I agree.
    This needs to be corrected as soon as possible.

  • Nontschef_

    I totally agree to adjust the tag limit for forums to make them completely useful for some needs 20 tags are a bit low, would also reduce Channel count, even community members are wondering why there is a need for a second forum channel with same topic but different tags in it, thats the way now we try to curve around the limit.. example: [Games - tags A - M ] &  [Games - tags N - Z ] 

  • Yannick THOLOMIER

    we are replacing Discord Forum by
    Impressive filter and sorting features.

  • ふろむし

    I agree. I run a fighting game community and strategy information is hard to find because tags are limited. This is inconvenient for viewers and contributors.


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