Feature request: Allow moving threads from text channel to a forum channel



  • Corona~!

    They should allow not only this but also moving Threads between Text Channels and between Forum Channels as well. Speaking from 15 years experience running multiple message boards of my own, Discord's missing some of the most basic features required to properly run Forums and this could go a long way towards fixing that.

  • Silva

    It would be nice to be able to clone text channels into forum threads. Saves a lot of time than making the transition manually

  • xves

    Yes! Please! This would be such a great feature!
    I've created some regular threads while WAITING for Forum Channels to be rolled out, and now I really wish the messages I sent to these threads were in a forum channel.

  • Finwe

    Same, we have lots of idea threads we created that should really be persistent, especially the voting thread - it would be fantastic to be able to migrate all these threads to our new ideas forum - especially as links to threads no longer work properly after they're archived (it says #deleted-channel)!


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