Don't Be Shady-- Bring Back Nitro Classic.



  • radink

    Couldn't agree more. This was a total sh*t move. I would gift alot of people the 4.99 plan but I will NOT gift the $10. And there isn't even an option to gift the new lesser cost one. This is so stupid. Again discord devs not listening and making bad decisions.

  • Zavattariornis

    I totally agree with this. I had a chat with Discord support yesterday and provided my feedback. He mentioned to bring them here too, so I'll just drop the reasons why I'm still keen to keep my Classic here, since we're on the same topic. 

    If I move to Basic, (massive red flag for me!) I'm losing:
    1. GIF avatar
    2. Custom #tag
    3. 1080p 60fps streaming
    4. Yearly billing

    Whereas, I feel that Nitro has too much perks that I don't need (and end up never utilising them), such as:
    1. 200 servers
    2. 4000 character messages
    3. More advanced profile customisation like animated banner, server profile, profile theme, etc.
    4. 250MB upload
    5. 4k streaming
    6. Activities, boosts.

    Nitro Classic is the sweet spot. Nitro Basic is like a further downgrade version just to push for the upgraded $9.99 price, which again, has too much features that are overkill for individuals like OP or myself. 

  • AJman14


    What they should've done is added Nitro Basic as another option on top of the other two. Nitro Classic is really where it's at, and is the reason Discord is getting money from me. Animated avatar, emoji across servers, custom tag, increased upload limit, 1080p streaming... It was in a good spot, but the change to Nitro Basic strips 4 of those 5 perks away.

    If my Nitro Classic doesn't continue to auto-renew, I'll likely be canceling. Not upgrading to get all the perks back, and not downgrading to keep one of them, but completely canceling. Unfortunately for Discord, that's lost revenue, and unfortunately for me, that's lost perks.

    Bringing back Nitro Classic while keeping the current two would appease a lot more users. It could bring in new subscribers at the lower level for the emoji across servers, while still giving a few perks to those who are willing to pay a bit more, but can't afford the full Nitro.

  • Exxusestella

    Yes, this, please. It's such a let down to so many people to see this option go away.
    I loved this Subscription option because it was affordable for my budget and it gave me all I needed without the boosts and server upgrades and such...
    Some of us don't even use the server boosts, extra server capacity, large message size, animated banner, etc.
    Nitro Classic was such a good medium for us regular Discord users.

  • Candy

    I don't have much to add, but it seems like we all feel the same way about what Discord has done here. It seems to me like pure profit motivation - which I understand, but the valuation on services is not where it needs to be. The original Nitro pricing seemed fair and the new scheme just feels exploitative. They've taken a single feature that everybody wants (1080p streaming) and placed it into the expensive subscription so that you have to jump for it despite all of the other offerings having very little effect on quality-of-life.

    I didn't mind paying for Nitro (classic) but I see no reason to pay double (now triple, compared to basic) the price for a single feature. I miss some of the Nitro features but I think I'm done giving Discord money for a while until they show some kind of change in direction. When I uninstalled Skype 7 years ago I thought I was done with schemes like this. I guess some things never change.

  • ꧁꧂someoneindeed꧁꧂

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