Profile picture Answered
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connection problem with discord voice Answered
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Is a Discord server being hosted by the user or is Discord doing the hosting? Answered
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No esta en linea el BOT Answered
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IOS version of discord starts to spam a message i was going to send Answered
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javascript exception on ptb install Answered
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verify Answered
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Change emoticons to Blobs Answered
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Custom url names Answered
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Integration Answered
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An XD Emoji To Be Added Please Add This XD Emoji As I Would Love It 😃 Answered
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Notifications Answered
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How do you rearrange channels so it is in a custom order Answered
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Email account forgotten Answered
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Multiple account? Mishap Answered
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Upload failed screen blank Answered
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Overlay isn't working Answered
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Add slowmode to discord js Answered
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help report Answered
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Please add the crying/laughing emoji with open eyes to discord Answered
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cant use voice chat, its stays on trying to connect(connecting). Answered
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Pokecord keeps going down. Answered
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Add a "pensive_cowboy" emoji Answered
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Wyłączone konto Answered
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2 Discord apps open at the same time Answered
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Way to reset keybinds Answered
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Download image from Twitter embed doesn't work Answered
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サウンドについて Answered
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Scroll Bars are not working in Store Answered
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