Remove Skype integration from Discord Completed
-25 votes 1 comment
Tag Notification Red Thing Completed
16 votes 1 comment
Allow Mobile Users to Delete Account Completed
7 votes 1 comment
Gifting Games Completed
14 votes 1 comment
Twemoji 11.2 Completed
29 votes 1 comment
Allow for WAAAY more emojis somehow, even if it's behind Nitro or Nitro Classic Completed
38 votes 1 comment
Mention bar Completed
639 votes 1 comment
Allow me to use custom emojis Completed
128 votes 1 comment
Add a friend's list Completed
1951 votes 1 comment
Add an Emojis list Completed
597 votes 1 comment
Emote Button for iOS Completed
141 votes 1 comment
Soundboard on mobile Completed
-1 votes 0 comments
[Suggestion] Voice Messaging Feature Completed
0 votes 0 comments
Не загружаются GIF в меню выбора GIF Completed
0 votes 0 comments
[Feature Request] Account Switcher Completed
5 votes 0 comments
Mobile Image Spoiler Option Completed
0 votes 0 comments
Contact Profile Finder for Mobile Completed
0 votes 0 comments
Mac ShareScreen Completed
0 votes 0 comments
Can you add screen sharing to mobile? Completed
0 votes 0 comments
make screenshare audio available for mac Completed
0 votes 0 comments
Group Live Stream Completed
0 votes 0 comments
Suggestion, A way to suppress role-pings. Completed
3 votes 0 comments
Make it possible for you to move channels on mobile. Completed
11 votes 0 comments
Replying to a message, making it easier to follow a conversation Completed
1 vote 0 comments
Copy Name, Tag button Completed
0 votes 0 comments
Mobile phone number in profile, pull nicknames from contacts, nicknames across servers Completed
6 votes 0 comments
!submit accessibility feedback Completed
-7 votes 0 comments
Make white mode affect the channel drawer Completed
-6 votes 0 comments
add a GIF selector keybind like with emoji tab Completed
34 votes 0 comments