Long response time
1 vote 3 comments
Making this post cause Discord hasn't responded to my age appeal tickets
5 votes 49 comments
It's almost been 31 days on my age appeal, no response on my ticket
5 votes 21 comments
Sign in with Google
0 votes 83 comments
Account compromised by impersonating a Discord Admin named "Yang zhan"
0 votes 8 comments
Add option to opt out of "Chilling" auto status
6 votes 1 comment
Chilling and Custom Status
9 votes 3 comments
Обман и списания средств
0 votes 0 comments
How long does it take for Discord support to reply within a ticket?
2 votes 27 comments
Discord Yetkilileri İlgilenmiyor
0 votes 6 comments
Move discussion to other channel
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Guilds tag NSFW
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Add a ''Sounds'' menu on Mobile App, like on desktop
3 votes 6 comments
Switching accounts on Mobile
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discord connection
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OKX Referans Kodu: "66641920" (Haziran 2024)
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Stop changing the working directory flolder-name, it breaks things!
3 votes 4 comments
Age restricted? Read this.
0 votes 7 comments
I've been falsely banned for being underaged and I do not have an ID
1 vote 1 comment
A lot of confusion on my age appeal requests PLEASE HELP
0 votes 1 comment
[Implemented] Preventing Automatic Game Registration in Discord
4 votes 6 comments
Make more obvious announcements need PUBLISHED to go out to followers!
2 votes 1 comment
Suggestion to change how blocked users appear
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Binance Referral Code: VO2P1RYP (June 2024)
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Is Discord suitable for internal Business communication system
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0 votes 1 comment
Light mode/Dark mode role colours
4 votes 20 comments