105 votes 6 comments
The new colors are eye-straining. They're way too saturated.
17 votes 3 comments
Server Boosts as a Monetary Subscription Model
1 vote 1 comment
Awful garbage rebranding- childish and unwelcome
8 votes 5 comments
Hi Discord, your update sucks.
3 votes 2 comments
There should be Classic and New themes for PC and Phone
4 votes 0 comments
The User is banned form this guild
4 votes 54 comments
The saturation on the new colours is too much for my eyes
1 vote 0 comments
-69 votes 179 comments
New Rebranding May 2021
3 votes 0 comments
New Design
2 votes 0 comments
Kaios support
0 votes 0 comments
"I LoVe ThE NeW LoGo!1!!" it sucks.
3 votes 2 comments
The colour/font hurts my eyes
32 votes 1 comment
[Suggestion] Add a Stage Channel Pop-Out Text Chat
24 votes 13 comments
yes im having difficulty reading this horrid new font
4 votes 0 comments
joining in on this; add classic colors.
3 votes 1 comment
bruh this brand change wtf
4 votes 1 comment
Messages counter for private conversations.
1 vote 0 comments
please go back
1 vote 0 comments
This is the worst UI update ever
57 votes 5 comments
New Discord FONT is terrible - please read
6 votes 0 comments
Accent Color should be an option - Regarding the new color update on Discord.
9 votes 3 comments
Bring back old logo
2 votes 2 comments
Discord changes and accessibility.
5 votes 0 comments
rebrand is kind of ugly
29 votes 2 comments
Please give us an option to revert back to the old look and feel.
11 votes 0 comments
Media Select Not Working
1 vote 1 comment
Add a feature to switch between logos and fonts
14 votes 1 comment