An icon that tells whether someone is on mobile or PC. Completed
15809 votes 19 comments
More status options than "Playing" Completed
15726 votes 146 comments
Spoiler tags Completed
13825 votes 42 comments
Quoting Completed
13402 votes 181 comments
Server Organisation/Server Folders Completed
12231 votes 367 comments
Larger custom Emoji! Completed
11228 votes 52 comments
Allow me to use custom emojis Completed
9496 votes 2 comments
Gift Other Users Nitro Completed
9195 votes 23 comments
A new "video" channel type, for server-wide video share Completed
9141 votes 73 comments
Testing mic in the settings Completed
7432 votes 6 comments
Avatars by server Completed
6515 votes 1002 comments
Add a search function (CTRL + F) Completed
5995 votes 5 comments
Enable pop-out video chat, and allow dragging the box anywhere. Completed
5980 votes 57 comments
disable explicit image filtering for bot accounts Completed
5941 votes 5 comments
Custom / Commands Completed
5756 votes 31 comments
Nitro Completed
5255 votes 13 comments
Allow only admins/moderators to mention certain roles Completed
5072 votes 201 comments
Support for animated GIF emojis Completed
3623 votes 2 comments
Change the way NSFW channels are labeled to icons. Example attached. Completed
3428 votes 2 comments
Message Threads Completed
3110 votes 680 comments
Show a timestamp for each individual message Completed
2919 votes 19 comments
Video call and screenshare at the same time Completed
2537 votes 15 comments
Show if someone's streaming Completed
2514 votes 2 comments
Nitro for Mobile Completed
2472 votes 82 comments
Allow me to adjust the font size Completed
2422 votes 27 comments
Embedded MP3 Support Completed
2335 votes 10 comments
Allow muting notifications by role Completed
2288 votes 154 comments
Add an option to fully close Discord on "x" Completed
2259 votes 9 comments