Didn't Downloading Discord app in mobile.
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Please, discord. it’s a mobile app not a desktop app…
12 votes 2 comments
"Friends online" essentially unusable with current update
4 votes 0 comments
Improve one-handed navigation of servers/DMs
6 votes 1 comment
Not the biggest fan of the UI update
6 votes 0 comments
Mobile app changes
28 votes 6 comments
Yet another random major UI change
15 votes 3 comments
mobile doesnt show when someones online
1 vote 3 comments
Missing Features on Mobile Website (pinned and search)
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Recovering Lost account through mobile phone
0 votes 2 comments
Please let us increase text size on iOS mobile app
42 votes 17 comments
Mobile UI sucks more than the discord Dev team
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Adaptive Icon support for Android Beta app releases
2 votes 0 comments
Account Switching for Discord Mobile
4 votes 8 comments
Binance Referans Kodu: VO2P1RYP (Omur Boyu Kullan)
-2 votes 0 comments
Be able to read text files directly in discord mobile
6 votes 58 comments
Opening external File Manager on Mobile
21 votes 2 comments
Need a translation function for Discord
0 votes 1 comment
the new UI still sucks
8 votes 1 comment
[REQUEST] Code Syntax Highlighting on Mobile
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"What's New" bug still not fixed in 178.17
0 votes 9 comments
The new UI is still bad.
15 votes 2 comments
Mobile App Still Unusable
10 votes 1 comment
1 vote 3 comments
In-app notifications in the Android app extend way too far down
2 votes 3 comments
알림 설정 문의
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-4 votes 0 comments
New Mobile Update Sucks
9 votes 2 comments
Adding a Second Account on the Mobile App
1 vote 23 comments