Marking more Messages for Reply!
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New functionality in direct message
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Why don't you add custom themes for chatting?
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Private Messages are unfit for purpose.
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Message Notice bug
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Mark as unread as whole
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group chats
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Deleting private chats
1 vote 3 comments
Can I Create Discord Community For My Website?
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voice messages
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disfrutando del aire libre
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[Feature Request] Allow to set persistent/default state of mention ping
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Mark as unread
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[Feature Request] A Toggle to display multiple Role Icons next to username in chat.
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Improved Emoji Management
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Feature "Disable previews for my messages"
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Markdown that displays html in web format
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Polls, color tags and forum correction
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Reduce clutter from lots of pinned messages
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Please undo ```text-styling``` changes (especially ```diff```)
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Make embeds collapsed by default (as option), perhaps just showing title
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Sarthak#0001 Blackmailing Me
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blocked message
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organize and sort posts!
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That you can put a background to a private chat with a friend
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Be able to block one emoji if they have the same name
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Reply ping force recipient preference
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see if the message you sent in a DM is seen by the other user
-1 votes 2 comments
Set notification preferences for all channels at once
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