Saving message drafts when disconnecting
3 votes 0 comments
Can we add 3D surround voice chat in supported games?
62 votes 6 comments
Invite to join groups/games should be a timed message that dissapears
0 votes 1 comment
Customisation on showing context for link/media
1 vote 1 comment
Show a timestamp for each individual message
2914 votes 18 comments
Hide server invites in streamer mode
3 votes 1 comment
Fix the ^ in chat
750 votes 3 comments
Add Right to Left (RTL) support to Discord
1131 votes 191 comments
Pinning a Message of the day
2846 votes 13 comments
Recording Option for Voice Chat
3252 votes 70 comments
We need Karaoke with microphone effects, and audio adapter streaming NOW!
1720 votes 6 comments
Show an indication in the voice channel that a user is currently live.
1678 votes 10 comments
Be invisible on one server but online on another.
8041 votes 381 comments
Search exclusions
2553 votes 45 comments
Enable pop-out video chat, and allow dragging the box anywhere.
5969 votes 57 comments
Video Calling Quality Settings
749 votes 5 comments
Direct Message User Limit Increase
2014 votes 89 comments
Light themed image barrier
-7 votes 0 comments
Add a startup sound to Discord
277 votes 11 comments
Volume sliders for separate Discord functions
486 votes 51 comments
API For Setting User Volume
152 votes 3 comments
Search for users in the reactions list
165 votes 0 comments
Epilepsy-users support
427 votes 20 comments
Spotify Mic Detecting
155 votes 4 comments
Prevent the text from being copied
102 votes 3 comments
Nicknames in Group Chats
617 votes 34 comments
Priority Speaker for Voice Activity input mode
252 votes 35 comments