Upload Failed - Click Here to retry the upload (Will not let me upload) Answered
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Ummh images not loading Answered
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browser Answered
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Make it so that those with the admin permission can automatically see spoilers, therefore preventing misuse of the spoilers feature Answered
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Voice Messages Answered
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Emoji Update Answered
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Не подключается Answered
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Discord App Extremely slow on PC Answered
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Organizing Your Friends Lists & Direct Message List - Folders ? Answered
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Desktop notifications appearing offscreen Answered
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Ability to delete all messages in a channel or DM. Answered
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n consigo compartilhar tela com som Answered
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Read/seen messages— 👍if agree Answered
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Option to change the 2000 character limit Answered
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Forced to join a video call Answered
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Disable notification preview (message content) Answered
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Raise the group limit Answered
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Voicemail and/or Voice Messages Answered
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Add option to send voice clips! Answered
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Discord won't load images on PC and mobile Answered
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Text-to-speech not working Answered
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User Limit on Direct Message Groups Answered
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Make the number of people in a group DM bigger! Answered
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Dark themed emoji picker for Desktop Answered
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Read Receipts Answered
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Add Delivered and Read Answered
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voice chat chat instant invite Answered
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Add the voice messages Answered
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