Fix cropping of images so they don't get cut off
1 vote 1 comment
Direct messages
2 votes 0 comments
Support for Julia-like input of some Unicode characters
0 votes 0 comments
Remove Swipe To Reply!
11 votes 9 comments
Colored nicknames in private messages
2 votes 0 comments
Remove swiping to reply or make it a toggle
6 votes 3 comments
Call mode in mobile app
12 votes 2 comments
allow multi select with SHIFT from the chat entry box emoji search
0 votes 2 comments
Ability to add dynamic options to slash commands
0 votes 0 comments
Cross Channel Voice Communication
905 votes 251 comments
I don't like Super Reactions
1 vote 0 comments
Enable 'Display role members separately from online members' in specific channels
44 votes 6 comments
Znęcanie psychiczne i finansowe przez partnera
0 votes 1 comment
Hiding Discord Messages
2 votes 10 comments
Standard emotes are kinda broken after a recent update
1 vote 1 comment
Comment retrouver une personne qu'on à supprimer de nos amis
0 votes 4 comments
Feature request: concept of voiced users from IRC
0 votes 0 comments
Forums - Stop Expiring Posts and Allow Role Tagging
0 votes 0 comments
delete call message in private
2 votes 0 comments
IOS badge notifications
86 votes 34 comments
very racist user
-2 votes 1 comment
Allow pinning of Direct Message conversations
2 votes 0 comments
Make emoji more searchable
3 votes 1 comment
Allow users to change search engine provider
12 votes 5 comments
Blocking someone should properly hide their messages
0 votes 0 comments
markdown/markup reference
0 votes 0 comments
Text block feature malfunctioning
1 vote 1 comment