Visible Facecams In-game
60 votes 12 comments
Live stream directly to discord
60 votes 18 comments
New Discord Interface is so ugly
59 votes 8 comments
New interface is awful
58 votes 7 comments
Can we have an option to toggle or go back to the old layout.
58 votes 18 comments
This is the worst UI update ever
57 votes 5 comments
Please let us change back to the old UI
54 votes 1 comment
Rectangle Profile background on calls or however it is called
51 votes 12 comments
Revert the UI
51 votes 2 comments
Pop-up reactions and Highlighting make a pleasant user experience impossible
51 votes 7 comments
Adding a way to filter people in the list.
51 votes 4 comments
50 votes 6 comments
Profile Banner
49 votes 31 comments
Support for Xbox Game Bar with a Discord Widget
49 votes 1 comment
Revert the Discord Update for user interface
49 votes 1 comment
Timezone Clock Suggestion
49 votes 7 comments
Where "legacy Discord" option at?
48 votes 0 comments
The new interface is nothing but a huge step back
48 votes 5 comments
Option for enabling legacy appearance.
48 votes 4 comments
Accidental Calls
48 votes 18 comments
New Discord Look
47 votes 3 comments
REVERT this update or let us have the old discord
47 votes 0 comments
Game specific keybinds
47 votes 7 comments
Change the new call overlay back to its original one
46 votes 5 comments
This new UI is ugly and distracting
46 votes 7 comments
Overlay is not working on minecraft with mods it doesn't detect game activity
46 votes 15 comments
List of recent notifications (not mentions)
46 votes 15 comments
Change ID for better Identification
46 votes 2 comments
Swap Sidebars in discord
45 votes 8 comments