In game implementation/engine api
10 votes 1 comment
Allow webhook url's to be reset
12 votes 0 comments
recently used voice channels
-12 votes 0 comments
manual control for voice activation fallback timing
-8 votes 0 comments
API for Discord PC Heavy client
-7 votes 1 comment
Videocall resolution/ videocall in servers
9 votes 0 comments
A new feature idea( have a way to mute urself in a different way)
-11 votes 0 comments
My call completely crashed v.2 Answered
-2 votes 1 comment
Make code blocks in embed fields smaller
10 votes 0 comments
Use app whitelist to allow OAuth for private bots
18 votes 0 comments
Channel Scroll Bug Answered
12 votes 11 comments
discord support message me I need help Answered
-8 votes 2 comments
Sugerencia para tono de llamada
0 votes 0 comments
easy to make rich presence
0 votes 1 comment
Stopping/hidding others video share.
0 votes 0 comments
you can't decrease volume of profile to 20% Answered
0 votes 2 comments
Trouble with making calls on Russia server Answered
1 vote 1 comment
Make the discord app more modulare
6 votes 1 comment
Add slowmode to discord js Answered
-6 votes 3 comments
Add testing events from server parameters
0 votes 0 comments
-39 votes 1 comment
Add original poster ID and deleter ID on MESSAGE_DELETE dataset
4 votes 0 comments
11 votes 5 comments
Notification mute improvement
4 votes 1 comment
Wanna see function of letting yourself being muted for somebody
2 votes 0 comments
Rich Presence for Mac
12 votes 0 comments
Join a voice channel from a desktop icon
5 votes 0 comments