Assets not saving in the Rich Presence tab
1 vote 1 comment
Add hyperlink support for footer in embeds
3 votes 2 comments
make it so blocked users profile pictures don't appear in voice chat
1 vote 1 comment
introduce lock icon right next to a text channel
3 votes 2 comments
Discord needs a LITE version!
930 votes 88 comments
Assets not saving in Rich Presence tab
6 votes 7 comments
1 vote 1 comment
YouTube Music Status
236 votes 51 comments
Put “Join Server” button on the home page under ‘Add Server’..
0 votes 1 comment
Automatic Mute of all channels but some specific
0 votes 0 comments
Halo the master chief collection overlay and game activity
0 votes 0 comments
Include a "Not" or "Except" search option
0 votes 0 comments
Please add a call button when the user left clicks a user on a server
0 votes 0 comments
Videos in Rich Embeds
127 votes 36 comments
delete replies
-4 votes 2 comments
Discord send message button on desktop trigger event?
0 votes 0 comments
Custom Status "Don't Clear" Issues
0 votes 0 comments
Hide Muted Category button
60 votes 20 comments
Discord Bot Maker
-2 votes 13 comments
Discord Error
0 votes 2 comments
Costumization of the Redball color in the discord notification in the PC hotbar
0 votes 0 comments
Discord overlay toggle lock not working
2 votes 16 comments
Reporting an underage user.
-8 votes 36 comments
Introducing Softban
6 votes 3 comments
Global hotkeys
1 vote 0 comments
A new kind of DM: DMs with Discord Bots
14 votes 7 comments
Add new replies Feature to Bots
7 votes 6 comments
Removing Discord Bot ID Verification
13 votes 9 comments
Add a note field to friends’ information
0 votes 0 comments