New boost perk idea
78 votes 17 comments
Please fix the server boost thing.
76 votes 22 comments
Open Discord games offline?
75 votes 19 comments
Discord Nitro Gift Badge
73 votes 32 comments
Discord Profile banner's should be available to all users, whether or not they have Discord Nitro.
71 votes 17 comments
Options / Concerns about Nitro Boost
70 votes 5 comments
Discord Nitro and Server Boosts for education
68 votes 3 comments
New Nitro Perks ($9.99 tier) to make up for the departure of Nitro Games Collection
68 votes 11 comments
Allow Subscribing to Nitro via PayPal Balance Completed
67 votes 24 comments
Bulk Order Nitro Gifts
64 votes 11 comments
More options for sorting in the game store.
61 votes 10 comments
get back 3 months of Nitro with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
60 votes 36 comments
One time purchase Permanent Server Boosts
57 votes 54 comments
Buy Nitro Gifts with Account Credit
57 votes 4 comments
Nitro Classic and Nitro perks (regarding profile banners and such)
55 votes 15 comments
Allow servers to track boost count for individual users
55 votes 6 comments
Pay with Paysafecard Answered
55 votes 4 comments
Discord Nitro Family Plan
52 votes 20 comments
Make profile banner for all Nitro users, don't exclude classic.
49 votes 4 comments
Nitro Boost Perk suggestion: Animated Emojis for everyone!
48 votes 10 comments
Can we just pay outright for server upgrades?
48 votes 4 comments
Nitro update suggestions
46 votes 2 comments
Diminuir o preço do Nitro
46 votes 18 comments
Early supporter badge documentation
46 votes 0 comments
Go Live (webcam / capture card) support for overlay
43 votes 6 comments
Discord Boosting
43 votes 2 comments