Make the time format 24hr time clock Answered
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Discord for the Nintendo Switch Answered
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Toggle the offline member list Answered
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Add the Offline list on sidebar when a server has 100+ members Answered
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Screen Share doesn't play sound Answered
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A thing to remember the "Discord Translators" Answered
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Problems with sound on MacBook Answered
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Return to community-contributed translations Answered
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Problem of icon and name Answered
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spoiler Answered
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Link previews not working for some websites Answered
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The ability to add your custom server emojis to channel and category names Answered
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Role emotes Answered
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Discord Custom Emoji Support For Category's Answered
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Discord killed my sound system and disrupted the sound hardware Answered
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Cracking Accounts Server. Answered
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Remove frequently used and make it so you can choose custom emojis. Answered
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Remove the ``-`` symbol in between the spaces that we leave on a channel's name Answered
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Clickable profile picture Answered
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The Ability to turn Friend Requests off on a per-server basis Answered
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Discord changable Themes / Design Answered
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Can we get discord on xbox already? Answered
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Live Polls Answered
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Rajouter une possibiliter de "Poke" les gens Answered
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Move Messages Answered
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Custom Status Suggestion Answered
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Control the size of emote that we see Answered
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Persian Language Answered
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Incorporate Discord Xbox APP to Microsoft Store Answered
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