Ban/Kick Reason showed to the user who was banned/kicked
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please stop ignoring my requests if you respect your users
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Bypass Slowmode and Always-On Slowmode Permissions
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More Account Management Capability
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"Bypass Verification Level" permission for roles
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There needs to be an option to turn off "x-message blocked" when you block someone.
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Multiple Accounts/Switching Accounts
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email recovery process via text message
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Идея для обновления
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Как перенести данные со старого аккаунта
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Role specific ping perms
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Забанили акк дискорд
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BAG in support
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Is support broken or something?
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The age requirement list does not guarantee that it is always correct? So which one is correct?
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How to reactivate a deactivated account
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worst discord staffs in trust and safety team
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Thiis software is crazy and the "help" is nonexistant.
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What the f**k Discord!!!!!
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So, discord your support is really nice! NOT
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New Feature Request Regarding 2FA Lockouts
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Allow us to group contacts in the same way we can group servers
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Discord Support not responding [12 days+]
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Nitro Subscription on an disabled account.
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Iwant natro pleae
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Easy way to view your profile/roles
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