Text Channels Have Disappeared
2 votes 4 comments
Disable showing own stream when watching multiple streams in grid mode.
11 votes 3 comments
Way to go directly to and cycle through 'New Mentions'
1 vote 0 comments
Invite, maxiumum number of uses is the wrong way around
2 votes 1 comment
Let us turn off the blue UI frames
5 votes 4 comments
Feature Request: Allow Users to Change/Edit/Remove Default Keybinds
4 votes 2 comments
Reduced Motion checkbox lacks dark mode
0 votes 3 comments
Discord calls being very easy to miss-click (especially on mobile.)
4 votes 2 comments
Not letting me use discord
0 votes 0 comments
Can I add discord to my website?
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Have some kind of indication of who just joined a group call
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Make the hang up button red on desktop
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Did You know?
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Add sorani(kurdish) language
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I can't Move Channels (rearrange) Up and down for PC Windows 10.!
6 votes 11 comments
What is token has expired means
-1 votes 5 comments
Twitter embeds with galleries only display one image
2 votes 0 comments
Sending multiple images as a gallery
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0 votes 1 comment
New Ping Types!
-1 votes 1 comment
Why can I not adjust the size of text chat in my app? (iOS)
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no visual distinction between individual messages
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International Clock/Timezone Widget
3 votes 1 comment
je ne trouve pas la traduction en francais du guide discorde
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Favoriting discord sections in Discord Channels
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Discord for Android Tablets and Android x86 Sucks! [REPOST]
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Kanalliste mit flexibler Breite
1 vote 1 comment
I can't find the forum for "TheGraph" or Graphprotocol?
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Indonesian Localization for User Interface
352 votes 50 comments