Allow Discord volume to be increased beyond what's currently possible.
176 votes 18 comments
Popout webcam/screenshare so you can have them on different screens
137 votes 6 comments
Controller specific Keybinds
119 votes 26 comments
Hide self view in video call
117 votes 28 comments
More Screen Sharing
84 votes 11 comments
Please revert the newest UI update
74 votes 7 comments
Screenshare ruined
58 votes 2 comments
Pop out/view multiple video streams at once
53 votes 10 comments
Please revert the screenshare UI back
52 votes 1 comment
Enable a keybind for turning Camera on/ off in discord
49 votes 11 comments
Fix UI
49 votes 0 comments
Discord gives me 5000ms ping
48 votes 88 comments
The new update is terrible
47 votes 3 comments
Hide Screen Sharing and Voice Chat Activity when Invisible
46 votes 16 comments
New discord update. Trash
46 votes 8 comments
Screen share is ruined?
46 votes 7 comments
Revert the UI change please
44 votes 0 comments
Crashing upon joining voice channels
39 votes 45 comments
For the love of god go back to the old UI
39 votes 5 comments
Remove go live from dm and group VC
38 votes 2 comments
Why change the screenshare ui
37 votes 4 comments
Going live in DM ruined screen sharing
32 votes 5 comments
Screen Share is Garbage
31 votes 2 comments
communication mode
27 votes 13 comments
Make 'Sharing Their Screen' not appear when sharing screen in a Direct Message
27 votes 2 comments
Give option to use old screenshare, PLEASE
27 votes 3 comments
Add back the functionality of dm streams.
26 votes 4 comments
MEmu Play Android Emulator Crashes when Going Live with Discord
25 votes 3 comments
Bots should have a different sound when leaving VC
24 votes 5 comments
Option to hide your own stream window
24 votes 14 comments